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Cold Truck USA Inc. Based in Comfort, Texas, is the proud Exclusive Distributor in the USA & Canada of the First in The World “All Electric Supermarket and Grocery Stores Home Delivery Body” produced by Cold Car in Italy, a Company with 54 years of continuous activity in the fieldof refrigerated and isothermal bodies.

Cold Car Italy's innovation, technology, solidity, and efficiency in the production of refrigerated bodies positioned them as one of the world leaders in the refrigerated and isothermal bodies market with more than 50.000 bodies produced and agencies in over 20 countries Worldwide Cold Truck USA Inc. provides diverse customers, Supermarkets & Grocery Stores, to ensure that it's customized “All ElectricSupermarket and Grocery Stores Home Delivery Body” solutions ensure freshness during groceries delivery, with the 3 compartments: Fresh, Dry and Refrigerated, fabricated with the eutectic refrigeration truck bodies technology up to 10 hours of continuous operation in any climate condition.
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